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Artisan Baskets

Artisan Baskets


Baskets filled with specialty food treats make a great gift!! Lovely selection of specialty olive oils, vinegars, jams, jellies, Italian, German and French holiday baked goods, spices, mushrooms, Wisconsin artisan cheeses and more. Any foodie would love a basket of hard to find and special ingredients to enhance their cooking adventures.

Featuring Local Artists

One of a kind selection of baskets, jewelry, cards and more….

  • Nancy Bruins, Basket weaver, Black Earth, WI;
  • Dolores Madigan, Basket weaver, Cross Plains, WI;
  • Lena Yoder, Basket weaver, Richland Center, WI;
  • Deb Krebs, Watercolors, Monticello, WI;
  • Katie Green, Author, Spring Green, WI;
  • Carla Lind, Author, Dodgeville, WI;
  • Robin Mari, Handmade Soaps, Viroqua, WI;
  • Collen Ott, Glass, Spring Green, WI;
  • Hans Schall, Photographs, Spring Green, WI;
  • David Erickson, Film, The Rhythm of the River, WI;
  • Laura Coglan, Photographer & Birder, Lone Rock, WI;
  • Charlotte Fung Miller, Mukwonago, WI;
  • Efrat Livny, Jewlery, Madison, WI;
  • Joe Grimm, Woodworking, Dodgeville, Wi;
  • Genevieve Davis, Jewelry, Spring Green, Wi
  • Barb Manion Platt, Flower Arrangements, Clyde, WI.
  • Barbara Johnson, Basket Weaver, Iola, WI.

Featuring Artists beyond WI

  • Ellembee Designs, T-shirts, MI;
  • Hanna Niven, Painter, UK;
  • Diane Shaw, Etching, IL;
  • Basket weavers, Laos;

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